Special Ocasions

Benicio's Baby Shower Cake

Alice's Baby Shower Cake

Daniel's Baby Shower Cake

Black Forest Cake for Christmas Eve

Grad Cake Topper (cap and symbol)

Farewell Cake

This cake was created this fall to say "good-bye" to a great friend! I was organizing this party at my house and one day I woke up and thought: "What about everybody write good wishes to the family ON THE CAKE? Why not?". So I talked with the group that was organizing the party and they agreed! It was so funny to ask everybody to write a message! Of course we used food writers. At the top I wrote: "To Jordao Family" with mapple leaf.

Here is my Fall Farewell Party!

Wedding cake topper

This topper was for a wedding far from here, so I needed to plan my time to finish on time to send there and put on the cake. It took me long hours and I really liked the result!

Traditional Korean wedding topper

This topper was so funny to do! A friend of mine asked me to make the topper for her son and wife, they married in South Korea on a traditional ceremony and, after that they came to US to marry on an american ceremony. So the topper was for the wedding cake on the american ceremony, and was a surprise for the couple! I was very excited with this proposal and it took me so many hours,with so many details. Also I talked with the person that made the cake to be sure that the size of the topper will be good. And it was amazing!

Baby shower mini cakes

I love this mini cakes that I made for a dear friend's baby shower. They turned so pretty and also delicious! They really made the difference at the party, the only issue was that nobody wanted to touch them...hahaha So we decided to raffle them!

Pinwheel cake

This cake was made for a friend's son Christening Party. The theme was pinwheels, so I made a little baby bear with some pinwheels on the cake. The cake had 2 flavors, so the top cake was a vanilla cake filled with cream patissier and plum sauce and the bottom cake was a chocolate filled with coconut cream, so delicious!

Here are some pictures taken.

Graduation Cake

This was for a great friend that graduated on CMU.

Baby shower topper

So here is where everything started! I called a friend to help her on the baby shower and she challenged me with this proposal: making a fondant pregnant woman for the cake! Oh my, that was a challenge for me, never tried that before! And finally I did it! It's not the best that I ever made, but this was my first and I'm very proud of me for this. Thank you Mirian for considering me to do the topper!


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